ब्रिटिश भारत मे क्रषी अर्थव्यवस्था एवं प्रथाये

Taluqdari System

The term ‘taluqdar’ has different meanings in different parts of India. In Oudh, taluqdar is a great landholder.
But in Bengal, a taluqdar is next to zamindar in extent of land control and social status.
The big zamindars themselves had created many taluqs under several denominations, such as, junglburi taluq, mazkuri taluq, shikimi taluq, and so on.
These were created partly as a strategy of zamindari management and partly as a fiscal policy measure for raising zamindari funds for specific purposes.
After the Permanent Settlement, new varieties of taluqs were created by zamindars.
Under the pressure of the Permanent Settlement, many zamindars were creating dependent taluqs denominated as pattani taluq, noabad taluq and osat taluq.

Malguzari System

The land tenure prevailing in the erstwhile Central Provinces was known as Malguzari system in which the Malguzar was merely a revenue farmer under the Marathas.
When the Marathas came into power in this region, they farmed out the revenues of villages to persons of influence and wealth, who were called Malguzars.
During the British Rule, they were given proprietary rights and were held responsible for payment of revenue.
If the headman of a village was weak or was for any other reason, unable to answer for the sum the authorities expected, or if a court favourite wanted the village, the headman was replaced without hesitation by a farmer.
The farmer, or manager was at first called Mukaddam (the Hindi or Marathi form of Arabic Mugaddam).
Under the Malguzari system, the Lambardar/Sadar Lambardar appointed from among the Malguzars, was the revenue engager.
Other cultivators were either Absolute occupancy tenant, Occupancy tenant, Sub-tenant, Raiyat-Malik or lessees, who could be ejected from their holdings on various grounds. Malguzar (proprietor or co-sharer) held land under special description, namely, Sir land and Khudkasht land.

IAS PT Solved 2020-Indian Geography

With reference to pulse production in India, consider the following statements:

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