News Notes-21.11.2017

Justice Dalveer Bhandari Re-elected to ICJ:

v  India’s Justice Dalveer Bhandari is re-elected to the International Court of Justice for a nine-year term.

v  Britain and India were involved in a bitter battle but after Britain withdrew its candidate Christopher Greenwood from the race.

v  Bhandari got 183 of the 193 votes in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and all 15 votes in the Security Council in simultaneous elections that were held at the UN’s headquarters in New York.

v  Britain’s withdrawal signals the first time in history that a UK judge will be absent in the UN Court. It is also the first time a permanent member of the Security Council is losing to a non-permanent member for a seat at The Hague.

About ICJ:

v  The ICJ, the principle judicial organ of the UN, was established in 1945 to settle legal disputes between countries in accordance with international law, as well as give advisory opinions to legal questions.

v  The court comprises 15 judges who are elected by the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council for a tenure of nine years. A President and Vice-President are also elected by the court, but for three-year periods. In multiple rounds of voting, both organs of the UN vote separately but simultaneously to elect each judge.

Qatar is the Richest Country of the World  India 126th:

v  According to the recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report based on per capita income, Qatar is the richest country of the world.

v  India has moved up one position to 126th in terms of per capita GDP of countries.

v  The data, which forms part of the latest World Economic Outlook report of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), ranks over 200 countries in terms of per capita GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP).

v  Among BRICS countries, India has the lowest per capita GDP. Russia boasts of a GDP per capita of $27,900, while for China, it stood at $16,620, Brazil at $15,500 and South Africa at $13,400.

v  U. S. is at 13th position as per the report.

Afghanistan wins its first U-19 Asia Cup:

v  Afghanistan defeated Pakistan in the final to lift its maiden Asia Cup U-19 cricket tournament at the Kinrara Academy Oval in Kuala Lumpur on 19th November 2017.

v  The 2017 Under-19 Asia Cup was an international cricket tournament was held in Malaysia from 10 to 19 November 2017. It was originally scheduled to be held in India, but it was moved after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) refused to travel to India.

v  There were 8 teams in the tournament, viz. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Malaysia and UAE.

Railways to use Artificial Intelligence for preventing signal failures:

v  Aiming to reduce the possibilities of signals failing, Indian Railways has undertaken remote condition monitoring of the system, a new approach for the national transporter, to predict failures through the effective use of Artificial Intelligence.

v  Currently, the railways follow a manual maintenance system and adopt find-and-fix methods rather than predict-and-prevent approach. The failure of signals is one of the major reasons for train accidents and delays.

v  The system envisages data transfer through a wireless medium (3G, 4G and high-speed mobile) and data based on these inputs will be utilised, with help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for predictive and prescriptive Big Data analytics.


v  The railways have decided that trial be taken up in two sections of Western Railway and South Western Railway at Ahmedabad-Vadodara and Bengaluru-Mysuru.

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